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ESTD. 1993


Niki Jewel's vision is to celebrate and preserve that which makes the natural diamond so unique — its beauty, clarity, and eternal nature.

With a large national and international clientele, Niki Jewel's unparalleled quality has been making its customers happy for 28 years. With our new digital store, we want you to experience this legacy as well.

The Niki Jewels Advantage

Niki Jewels is built on the principles of our founders— making jewelry with absolute love and integrity. From day one to today, we owe our unmatched quality to this ethos.

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We span a wide range of jewelry that pays hommage to both the old and the new.

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Every piece of fine jewelry has an important and auspicious moment attached to it. We're here to rekindle and celebrate those memories.

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Our History


Diamond Export House


We began as an export house selling diamonds to the top jewelry and diamond houses around the world including Gosho Jewels & Mitsubishi (Japan), Harry Winston (USA), Capellaro & Co. (Italy), Continental Jewellery, to name a few.


Diamonds to Jewelry

Our Co-Founder started designing and creating pieces of jewelry from home for family and friends, with the help of local craftsmen, using nothing but the finest diamonds. These simpler beginning eventually evolved into Niki Jewels as we know it today. 


Building a Brand

In our 25+ years of business, we have sold to over 5000 customers in India and abroad - from weddings to birthdays, we have been a part of endless special moments. 


Putting Customers First

With the needs and desires of our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are expanding into new retail channels and innovative technologies. All the while, our high quality materials, ingenuous design and commitment to craftsmanship stay unchanged. Even in this new context, we continue to make precious jewelry for precious people.