Ravi Sanwalka

Founder & Owner

Mr. Sanwalka joined the diamond industry in 1991, and has lived and worked in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Japan. In his international travels, he found that gold and diamonds definitely do unite the world, and wanted to combine beautiful designs with good craftsmanship to create the perfect jewelry for the Indian woman. He believes that true beauty lies within the heart of the diamond-- and his mission was to create a company with diamonds that shine with a heart of fire.

Nikita Sanwalka

Owner & Designer

Mrs. Sanwalka, the namesake of Niki Jewels, started designing jewelry in 1996. She has run the jewelry and design side of the business for the last 24 years, with her husband and brother. Known for her kind nature and impeccable eye for style and design, our creative powerhouse can always be relied upon to get the job done.

Alok Agarwal

Owner & Director

Mr. Agarwal is a veteran in the diamond industry, having began his career at Niki Jewels in 1998. As Director, he handles everything from sales and finance to retail. His business philosophy is much like the diamond itself — giving complete transparency and quality assurance to the customer. His innovative and go-getter attitude make him the backbone of the company.

Niki Jewels Founding Team Members